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About Tashyeed

We adapt & We overcame, together!

Tashyeed is developed by a team of competent construction industry professionals with experience of more than 20 years. The vast know-how and involvement in construction sites led to the key observations of various issues related to communication, lack of data, and general ability to manage tasks and work hours. To fill in the obvious gap in this unique application is created to solve communication and collaboration issues, collect data and analyse the situation at the site based on concrete statistics.

What is Tashyeed

Tashyeed is a Mobile platform to monitor and manage all aspects of a construction project. Tashyeed improves work efficiency by allowing better collaboration between the contracting parties in the project throughout the construction site. Tashyeed provides homeowners, construction companies and consultants with real-time, 24/7 access to project needs. Update schedules and maps, share photos, provide feedback, submit reports and also review tasks through your very own mobile application.
Construction is a task-driven business and, our construction-project management application Tashyeed ensures that every entity involved in a project knows; precisely what they need to do. Tashyeed makes it simple for homeowners, construction companies and consultants to stay on top of things and optimise their work smoothly. Tashyeed is your very own construction management application that allows keeping checks on everything vital to your project. Our mobile and web-based construction management application keep the team in the field connected on all core use cases such as plan viewing, task details, comments & reviews of the consultants or homeowners & day to day progress update.

Our Vision

We believe in communication, transparency & visibility.

Communication – Tashyeed close all the communication loopholes.

Transparency - Tashyeed to keep all information accurate and accessible.

Visibility - Tashyeed staying ahead of your projects.


Our Mission

Our main goal with Tashyeed is to provide individuals & businesses seeking construction projects with technology that makes their project experience transparent, reliable, simple, safer, and much productive.
Connecting everyone under one construction platform has been our mission for many years. Only when we have all the entities, systems, and data working together can we reap the ultimate benefits of construction technology.

Tashyeed Features

features features

Coming Soon...!!

  • All in one app for project owners:
    Project owners can find verified consultants, construction companies, suppliers in one app FOR FREE. No need for searching anywhere else.
  • For Consultant, Contractor, Supplier:
    Consultants, Contractors, Suppliers will get more exposure to project owners and opportunities. A complete website if they don’t already have.
  • Pocket Friendly Pricing:
    We offer competitive plans that make Tashyeed a valuable asset for all.


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