Privacy Policy

1. Disclaimer and liability

Neither Tashyeed nor its employees or licensors makes any warranty whatsoever, including without limitation, that the operation of the Panel shall continue to run without interruption or error-free; or that any defects will be corrected; nor is it free from viruses or other harmful components; or regarding accuracy, completeness, reliability, availability, relevance, quality, or noninfringement.

You expressly declare that the Panel is a display and marketing platform, and that you acknowledge that Tashyeed does not bear any responsibility for data, files, drawings and information that are uploaded, recorded and provided by the Main User or User(s) on the Panel, and it’s to compline to all the technical, professional conduct, conditions, and specifications, and that you bear the responsibility to verify their quality and conformity to the specifications. Using the Panel is considered to be a complete and final waiver of any claim for compensation or legal right against Tashyeed.

User(s) expressly declare that the use of Panel and all content and Material included in it or that can be accessed from it are used "as is" and without warranties of any kind, and User(s) are personally the responsible for the use of Panel and its content and Service(s). Tashyeed and its affiliates do not bear any responsibility, which includes and is not limited, to commercial loss or loss of profits, direct or indirect damage, due to any of the Service(s) rendered that include and not limited to the following:

1. Downloading data, files, drawings and information that are uploaded, recorded and provided by the Main User or User(s) on the Panel.

2. Tashyeed is not responsible for direct / indirect damages resulting from the provision of Services, that includes and not limited to lost profits, loss of revenues, loss of data, financial or any indirect, special or consequential damages.

3. User(s) admit and takes into consideration that even with Tashyeed’s best effort, it is possible that a long/short– term unavailability of the Service may occur, which is caused by circumstances outside of Tashyeed’s sphere of influence (e.g. internet connection failure). The User(s) therefore agrees to and undertakes that all reasonable efforts to protect his data stored within the Panel/Service, that include keeping a backup by the suitable mean for him.

4. You also completely and irreversibly waive and waive your right to return to the platform and its directors, employees and owners in any legal or judicial process

5. The User(s) agreed to that the total liability of Tashyeed for any claim made on basis of legal relationship arising from the Panel/Service and the maximum amount of damages shall not exceed and is limited to the amount equivalent of ONE month paid amount of the Service.

2. The protection of personal data

2.1 The User(s) declares that he is aware of his legal obligations as an administrator of personal data of the Users and clients. Method and processing of personal data of these entities within the Panel/Service is determined by the User(s). Tashyeed does not bear any responsibility for proper fulfilment of legal obligations of the User(s) as a personal data administrator and uploaded Material.

2.2 All data are collected by Tashyeed from the User(s) for the purpose of providing Service, improving its quality and sending commercial and marketing notifications only; that shall include and not limited to name, surname, billing address, e-mail, phone number, information on use of the Service/Panel.

2.3 Tashyeed undertakes that he will not provide any information provided by the User(s) during the activation of User Account to any third party, unless it was obligatory or required by Law/Governmental entity.

2.4 Clients data are stored in electronic systems of the Provider for the duration of the contractual relationship. After the termination of the account or membership/subscription Tashyeed shall not be responsible nor obliged to store the data except for regulatory compliance only